Castagneto is the small medieval town that is the capital of the homonymous municipality.
Seen from below, it is a colorful mosaic of houses perched on top of a gentle hill.
Dominated by the Castello dei Gherardesca, Castagneto is made up of characteristic alleys full of history, restaurants, taverns and traditional Trattorias. From Piazzale Belvedere one will enjoy a priceless sight: the breathtaking view of the bright green Tuscan countryside that contrasts with the crystalline blue sea.


Viale dei Cipressi, mentioned by the poet Giosuè Carducci in a very famous poem, is one of the most photogenic places in Tuscany.
An incredible straight 4.7km long road lined with cypress trees that leads one directly to the door of the Castle of Bolgheri. After crossing the suggestive arch, one will be suspended in a timeless painting, an idyllic garden that seems to have been painted to celebrate the ideal of intimacy. Not only that: it is the center of one of the most popular food and wine phenomena of the moment.
Bolgheri wines, in fact, are recognized worldwide, so much so that Sassicaia won the “Wine Of The Year” award in 2018.
If in search for a romantic atmosphere, one’s expectations can only be met … with honors.


Let’s go straight to the point: you are in front of one of the most beautiful stretches of the Tuscan coastland that has been awarded for twenty-six times the Blue Flag recognition (also in 2020).

The village offers lodging and entertainment for all tastes.

Families will find fun and relaxation in one spot.

There is a beautiful pine forest with a new bike lane which leads to the beach. In addition, there are kilometer-long walks across a public and unspoiled beach where one can find aperitifs, lunches and dinners pampered by the sound of the waves.

And if you are looking for a little adrenaline, remember that the largest Amusement Park of Tuscany, the “Cavallino Matto”, is located right in Marina di Castagneto Carducci!


Donoratico is the residential and commercial heart of the Municipality.

Do not underestimate it: it’s a quiet and comfortable place to live, because it has a little bit of everything, a cheerful village surrounded by the majestic Tuscan countryside …and the scent of the sea.

What more can you ask for?