Carducciano Museum and The Little Olive Oil Museum

The Museo Carducciano Archive and “Casa Carducci” and the Piccolo Olive Oil Museum are part of the MACC System Musei Carducciani.

Casa Carducci

Don’t’ miss the visit to the house where the little Giosuè Carducci stayed with his family and which made him a welcome guest for almost two decades.

Museo Giosuè Carducci Archive

Renovated in 2007 on the occasion of the centenary of the death of the great poet, it offers a didactic path that highlights the moments of his life and literary activity. The panels displayed in the Carducciano Museum track the most important moments of the poet’s literary activity, closely linked to the scents, sounds and atmospheres of the Pisan Maremma: venue of his youthful experiences. Giosuè Carducci, in fact, spent part of his childhood in Castagneto and Bolgheri and the evocative power of this peasant reality is a constant in his poetic production.

The Little Olive Oil Museum

This Museum shows old equipment used for the production of extra virgin olive oil, some vintage photos that capture the moments of the olive harvest over time and some technical explanatory panels.
The olive tree represented an extraordinary symbol of Tuscan land since the Etruscan times, it is one of the most cultivated plants in the world, with about 810 million specimens, of which 88% are in the Mediterranean area.
Furthermore, the plant also has an ecological value as it helps the conservation of highly sloping soils and reflects a very significant landscape value thanks to the characteristics of its trunk and foliage.