Marina di Castagneto Carducci is located close to a thick and luxurious pine forest which, besides being the green lung of the area for walking and cycling, it is the outdoor gym for many exercise enthusiasts.
The beach extends for over 4 kilometers, and its sandy bottom is very suitable for families with children who find an ideal space for playing in touch with nature.
The beauty of this place and its almost uncontaminated atmosphere offer a wide choice for water activities as there are numerous and welcoming private beach clubs as well as public beaches which are real natural Oasis with very few individuals to the North and South of the municipality.
Another strength of Marina di Castagneto, is the Collective Rescue Plan, thanks to a fruitful collaboration among the Municipal Administration, the Harbor Office and beach clubs. The entire coast of the area is protected and safeguarded by the same organization (the Cooperative Sociale Marina di Castagneto – Donoratico) which ensures water activities through 23 towers and over 30 patented lifeguards.
In 2020 the Municipality was awarded for the 26th time the prestigious recognition of the Blue Flag, a voluntary eco-label assigned to seaside resorts that respect criteria relating to sustainable management of the territory; these criteria include the absolute soundness of the sea, the efficiency of the purification system, the recycling waste collection in pedestrian areas, bike lanes and green spaces.

Also, located to the North of the coast in Seggio, a dog beach offers access to the beach while it is prohibited in any other part of the coast.


The Seggio is the northernmost part of the coast of Marina di Castagneto Carducci.
The golden beach is the largest in width.
Upon arrival, the characteristic sinuous mouth of the small stream that gives its name to this area delights the visitor.
In a large part of this beach access is also allowed to four-legged friends.


Proceeding south is the beach of the Dunes: a name that describes a special landscape, which stands out for its lush vegetation and for a gentle call to adventure.
It is fun to find intimate and shady refuge among the soft sand hills – of course, after a nice dip into the blue sea.


The center of Marina is the heart of Castagneto coast: the part where most of the beach clubs are concentrated.
Bright colors and facilities of all kinds; there are bars on the beach, restaurants for lunch, aperitifs and dinner for all tastes, ice cream and frozen yogurt shops and much more! It is a young and quiet area perfect for both kids and families.


This stretch of the coast is dominated by the historical presence of an 18th century military fort.
The iconic graffiti named “Goldrake exists” on the side facing the sea has become a symbol for all those who have chosen to spend an unforgettable vacation in Marina di Castagneto.
This is a comfortable and spacious area, also thanks to ample parking.


Pianetti is the southern part of Marina di Castagneto.
It combines crystal clear waters, the fine sand and the gently sloping seabed.
It is a low-density area, where you will feel in perfect harmony with nature. Strolling on miles of public beach completes the picture.